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Urban country living,
right in the heart of Vienna

VIERTEL ZWEI – The green city district in the heart of Vienna.

Urban country living

Lively, colourful, green
For everyone who wants to go on a walk in woods or along an endlessly long promenade right on the doorstep. For everyone who likes to be outdoors, go for a cycle ride or simply look at the greenery from their terrace. For everyone who wants their children to grow up in the country, while living in the city and going shopping just around the corner. For all of them, we are expanding VIERTEL ZWEI.

VIERTEL ZWEI is still growing: Our next project will be KORSO. Right now we are working very hard on construction planning, sales start in autumn of 2018. You can already subscribe your interest – we will keep you informed!

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More than just a home

We not only take the sensitive natural space of the adjacent Prater into consideration but also bring nature into our project by continuing to design VIERTEL ZWEI as a car-free area. Nowhere else can the combination of urban energy and green recreation be experienced more intensively.

Fun at the office

VIERTEL ZWEI already stands for a modern working environment and a fascinating location. It is the ideal place to meet friends and colleagues, to enjoy the food and drink in the surrounding bars and restaurants or simply to relax for a while.

Leben im Viertel Zwei


The Prater is not only Vienna's green oasis, but also offers the possibility to practice a wide range of sports, right next to the VIERTEL ZWEI. Whether cycling, running, skating or yoga - something can be found for everyone. For fitness enthusiasts, the VIERTEL ZWEI offers its own CrossFit box with more than 300 square meters of training area and a great team of professional coaches and athletes. Find out more at


VIERTEL ZWEI has a big community: More than 4,500 people live and work here today. Tailor-made offers and services provide assistance in all areas of life: from laundry and cleaning services to tyre changing to child care in the holidays.

Menschen im Viertel Zwei

Live view of the construction site

Our webcam always shows you a live image of the VIERTEL ZWEI construction site. Our time-delay videos let you watch the last week speeded up or follow the progress of construction from the ground-breaking ceremony onwards.

>> Download PDF

>> Download PDF

A newspaper about VIERTEL ZWEI and modern urban life

Viertel Zwei Magazin

Come on in

Browse the pages of our VIERTEL ZWEI magazine.


Stadtquartierszertifizierung in PLATIN

Stadtquartier certification

Breeam Award 2014

Green-Building-Certificate BREEAM 2014

Diva Award 2009

DIVA Award 2009 – RUND VIER,

Immobilienmarken Award 2011

Immobilienmarken-Award 2011

Cäsar 2009

CÄSAR 2009 - Developer 2009

Bauherrenpreis ZVAÖ 2009

Developer der ZVAÖ 2009

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