Studio apartment Vienna: Urban living reinvented

STUDIO ZWEI offers more than just a small apartment: STUDIO ZWEI stands for individual and totally flexible urban living. Whether you’d like to buy a studio to live in yourself or are thinking about renting it out - there is clearly a unique opportunity to be had in an extraordinary location in the Krieau district of Vienna.

  • Urban living reinvented
  • 91 privately financed studios
  • Individual & flexible living on 30 m²
  • Each studio has its own balcony
  • Community areas
  • Dining lounge
  • Green roof terrace with barbecue areas
  • Austria’s first “vertical green building”
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Focusing on the essentials

We have turned an apartment of approx. 32 m² into a functional two-room small apartment in the Krieau district of Vienna. It works because STUDIO TWO is no longer about the number of rooms but about functionality. STUDIO ZWEI fulfils all wishes and can be adapted with maximum flexibility to the requirements of everyday life.

What have we not managed to do, despite the best will in the world? To accommodate a dining table for 12 people in the living room or a barbecue area for your guests on the balcony ... Which is why the building itself offers these amenities: from the dining lounge with kitchen on the ground floor to the soft landscaped roof terrace with barbecue areas.

Green all around

STUDIO ZWEI is capable of even more: The surrounding nature of the immediately adjacent Prater is literally invited into the building. The concept of the “vertical green building” has been completely reinvented in the process. An additional level of planting positioned in front of the actual façade creates a green outdoor space that can be experienced by all residents.

The intensive soft landscaping of the façade is also much more than the innovative design of an urban building; it can, for example, help to save energy. In the summer months, the plants flower, provide shade and thus cool the façade. In the winter, the leafless plants are more transparent; they allow the façade to warm up and at the same time provide additional insulation. The plants naturally also increase the residents’ quality of life - a balcony becomes a private garden with a great view.

As individual as its occupants

STUDIO ZWEI comes unfurnished. We have furnishing suggestions which you can use according to your needs and requirements. Or come up with your own creations - there are no limits to the imagination!

We provide the framework: whether plain and purposeful, technical or playful. When you buy a small apartment in STUDIO ZWEI, you decide for yourself what your living space will look like. You can buy the items of furniture shown in our furnishing suggestions either individually or as a set for a preferential fixed price.

Living in one of our studios means a whole new way of living. A clever design and use of furnishings gives you the chance to use the space flexibly and to its best advantage.

We have collected ideas, examples and inspirations from around the world for the best way to make a studio apartment function - everything is available to see on our Pinterest pinboard.

Come on in! There’s so much to discover...

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You can download more information on our project STUDIO ZWEI in PDF format here:

Stadtquartierszertifizierung in PLATIN

Stadtquartier certification

Breeam Award 2014

Green-Building-Certificate BREEAM 2014

Diva Award 2009

DIVA Award 2009 – RUND VIER,

Immobilienmarken Award 2011

Immobilienmarken-Award 2011

Cäsar 2009

CÄSAR 2009 - Developer 2009

Bauherrenpreis ZVAÖ 2009

Developer der ZVAÖ 2009

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