Krieau in Leopoldstadt, Vienna: The green city district

The Prater covers an area of six million square metres and is consequently listed by the magazine “Focus” as one of the ten best city parks in the world. Just three kilometres as the crow flies from St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, nature thrives here and in the immediately adjacent Krieau district in 1020 Vienna. Extensive meadows, woods and bodies of water provide the ideal environment for relaxed walks, jaunty hikes, longer jogging, bike and skating tours and much more besides.

The new gateway to the green Prater

VIERTEL ZWEI lies in an extraordinary location. Right next to Vienna’s biggest park, the Prater, and also perfectly connected through its own metro station, Krieau. The result: VIERTEL ZWEI lets you live and work in the green surroundings of 1020 Vienna, while being just a few minutes from Stephansplatz in the heart of Vienna.

Vienna’s Central Park

Not only is the Prater Vienna’s green oasis but it also offers the possibility to practise a wide range of sports. Whether cycling, running, skating or yoga - there’s something here for everyone. Expansive meadows, city hiking trails, woods and bodies of water - nature pulsates in the Prater all around the 4.5 kilometre-long main promenade. The ‘Hauptallee’, where cyclists, joggers, horse-drawn carriages and skaters are to be found, is lined by 2,500 trees. No other part of the city has a much green space as the Prater.

Nature right in the heart of the city

The Prater, in the Krieau district of Vienna, covers six million square metres and is also just three kilometres from St. Stephen’s Cathedral as the crow flies. Even when it’s really busy, it’s always possible to find a secluded spot to practise yoga in total peace and quiet, for example. Look around and you’ll also see many people pursuing unusual kinds of sport. Over there are the slackliners, who have tensioned their rope between two trees and wobble their way along it from one end to the other to train their sense of balance. Or dancers, who let glass balls float from shoulder to shoulder.

The possibilities are endless

But that’s not all. There’s also a dedicated frisbee park, which increasing numbers of visitors to the Prater are using to help them keep in shape. Take a few steps form the ‘Hauptallee’ and you’ll enter a giant area of meadows and woods. Those who enjoy a long walk can best make use of the 13 kilometre-long city hiking trail from the Praterstern to the water meadows in Freudenau. You can also go boating on the Heustadlwasser lake or horseback riding nearby. Those who prefer to watch horse-racing rather than climbing atop a horse can do so right behind the exhibition grounds on Vienna’s horse-racing track. Neither will golfers leave here empty handed: the Freudenau Golf Club is just behind the Lusthaus.

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