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The best workplaces for the best employees

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to secure motivated and talented employees and above all to retain them for the long term. Those who want the best “minds” also have to offer the best overall concept: quality workplaces in attractive surroundings, such as working in a green environment with good infrastructure and a high degree of recreational added value.

In the “competition for high potentials”, it is the employees of the future who will decide whether they want to work for a company or not. Starting from a new understanding of “work”, the really good talents now only want to sign on when the overall concept of the “workplace” meets their expectations. However, this covers not only individual workplaces but also flexible working models and above all an interesting and simulating environment.

More time to live

Younger people who are engaged in new working time models want to make increasing use of the surrounding infrastructure. However, this does not necessarily mean shopping facilities. It is about having surroundings that give all employees lots of opportunities to feel good and enjoy an ideal enhancement to their work-life balance. They should offer recreational added value and also serve emotional needs. These include sports activities as well as outdoor spaces in nature or appropriate alternatives for relaxing over a meal or drink after work. The workplace should no longer be somewhere you have to go but rather somewhere you seek out, because you feel good there and because it offers advantages both for interacting with others and when working.

Creative office spaces

Project developers expect the creation of real estate products to respond to new structures and ways of working. The office spaces should be flexible, communicative and technologically state of the art in order to adapt to future workplace requirements.

International companies in particular want to score with an attractive overall concept. Vienna is extremely popular around the world. All they need to do now is to find the right location.

We have it!

You can find full information about this at Denk Drei:Office 1012 Vienna

Stadtquartierszertifizierung in PLATIN

Stadtquartier certification

Breeam Award 2014

Green-Building-Certificate BREEAM 2014

Diva Award 2009

DIVA Award 2009 – RUND VIER,

Immobilienmarken Award 2011

Immobilienmarken-Award 2011

Cäsar 2009

CÄSAR 2009 - Developer 2009

Bauherrenpreis ZVAÖ 2009

Developer der ZVAÖ 2009

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